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Aims & Objectives

i. Provide facilities for learning, and to give instruction and training in such branches of knowledge as the University College may desire to foster and, in doing so, to enable students to obtain the advantage of a liberal education, bearing in mind the manpower needs of the country;

ii. Promote by research and other means the advancement of knowledge and its practical application to social, cultural, economic, scientific and technological problems;

iii. Develop students’ ability to think critically and to develop the highest ethical and human values and excellent aesthetic taste;

iv. Provide opportunity to qualified candidates to have University education irrespective of race, gender or religion;

v. Provide students with the best academic, professional and practical training including the development of the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation;

vi. Encourage students to appreciate the importance of hard work and dignity of labour;

vii. Stimulate, particularly through teaching and research, interest in and appreciation of African culture and heritage;

viii. Encourage students to yield their lives to God such that their lives will reflect Christian principles, values and ethics including love of neighbour, honesty, humility and loyalty to their country