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Examination Office - Requirement for graduation(Degree)

A student shall be deemed to qualify for the award of a degree if he/she:
a. satisfies all University College and Faculty requirements;
b. accumulates a minimum of 108 credits (or 72 credits for those admitted to level 300) including all core courses and prescribed electives and has a minimum of 1.50 grade point average;
c. has not failed more than 18 credits of core courses and prescribed electives, and in the case of Agriculture 21 credits of core courses and prescribed electives, provided that the failed grades must not be lower than ‘D’.

A student may be required to do practical work with a firm/institution/organization for not less than twelve (12) weeks.


a. All end-of-semester results from Level 200 shall be taken into account in the computation of the Final Grade Point Averages (FGPA) for the classification of the bachelor’s degree.
b. The GPA’s at Levels 200, 300 and 400 shall be weighted in the proportions 1:2:2 to obtain the FGPA.
c. In the determination of the FGPA, a weighted average of all repeat courses shall be used, as for instance, a 3-credit course with a ‘D’ at first attempt and an ‘A’ at second attempt shall attract a total of 6 credits in the computation of the Grade Point Average of that particular course.
d. The FGPA for FIRST CLASS shall be 3.60 or better.

e. The Full scheme of classification is as follows:

First Class FGPA of 3.60 or better
Second Class (Upper) FGPA of 3.25 – 3.59
Second Class (Lower) FGPA of 2.50 – 3.24
Third Class FGPA of 2.00 – 2.49
Pass FGPA of 1.50 – 1.99
Fail FGPA of below 1.50
g. A pass in every University and Faculty required course shall be required of all undergraduate students for the
award of a Bachelor’s degree.
i. The final results and the class of the degree shall be based on the Final Grade Point Average obtained by each candidate in all prescribed courses and approved electives taken at this or any other approved University.
ii. A candidate who has satisfactorily completed all requirements for the award of a degree with an overall FGPA of not less than 1.50 shall be awarded a degree as indicated in 15.0 above.
iii. The Final results of the candidates for the award of a Degree shall normally be published by the Registrar after they have been approved by the Academic Board.
The University College is affiliated to the University of Ghana. This means that candidates whose degree awards have been confirmed shall be awarded the degree under the seal of the University of Ghana at a graduation of the University College organized for that purpose.
The University College reserves the right to confirm or cancel an award. The University College may cancel an award if it becomes known to the College that:

a. a candidate had entered the College with false qualifications, or

b. a candidate had impersonated someone else, or
c. a candidate had been guilty of an examination malpractice for which a grade Z would have been awarded, or
d. there are other reasons that would have led to the withholding of confirmation of the award by the University College in the first place.

Any student who leaves the University, either on completion of programme of study or for any other reason, must obtain a clearance certificate duly endorsed by the University Librarian, Hostel Warden and finally, the Finance Officer. The clearance certificate form will be available in the Finance Office.