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Examination Office

S1. It shall be the duty of the candidate to consult the daily examination timetable (to be made available at least 24 hours ahead of time) to ascertain the papers to be written each day and to make himself/herself
available at the appointed place at least one half-hour before the examination.

S2. It is the responsibility of the candidate to find the examination room well in advance and to be seated, at least, fifteen (15) minutes before the commencement of any examination paper. 9.3.3. It shall be the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that he/she is given the right question paper and other materials needed for the examination.

S3. No student shall enter the Examination Hall until he/she is invited to enter the Examination Hall. A candidate arriving late may be refused entry to the Examination Hall. Normally no candidate will be allowed to leave the examination room during the first half-hour of the period allowed for a paper or enter the examination room after the half-hour. Any exception to this rule must be reported in writing to the relevant Head of Department by the Deputy Registrar (Academic).

S4. No books, prepared notes, paper of any kind, hand-bags, briefcases or any other prohibited material are to be taken into the examination room unless otherwise specified.

S5. No programmable calculator, mobile phone, radio, or any other communication equipment or media are to be taken into the examination room or washroom of the Examination Centre.

S6. It shall be the responsibility of the candidate to provide for himself/herself a pen, pencil, and an eraser as needed. A candidate shall not be allowed to borrow any material from another candidate in the examination room.

S7. Candidates are required to write their index numbers in full on every page of the script.

S8. Under no circumstances must a candidate’s name be written on any part of the answer book provided. Candidates who fail to comply with this regulation will be penalized.

S9. Candidates may be required, at any time, to establish their identity by producing their student ID cards. A student without his/her ID card shall be required to leave the examination room.

S10. A candidate who is suspected of hiding unauthorized material on his/her person may be asked by the invigilator to submit to a body search. Refusal to submit to a body search is tantamount to misconduct which shall result in a severe penalty.

S11. Any candidate leaving the examination room and intending to return must be accompanied, while outside the examination room, by an attendant.

S12. There should be no communication whatsoever (verbal or non-verbal) between candidates during the examination. A candidate may attract the attention of the invigilator by raising a hand.

S13. Any irregular conduct on the part of a candidate, such as copying from another student or from prepared notes, may result in the cancellation of his/her examination paper and/or a more severe penalty.

S14. No part of an answer booklet or script may be torn off and candidates must surrender any answer booklet used or unused to an invigilator before leaving the examination hall.

S15. Rough work must be done in the answer booklet and should be crossed out to show that it is not part of the answer.

S16. Candidates should not remove from the examination room any unused material (e.g. answer booklets or parts thereof, supplementary answer sheets, graph sheets, drawing paper) supplied for the examination.
Candidates may, however, retain their question papers unless the rubrics state otherwise.

S17. A candidate who finishes an examination ahead of time may leave the examination room after surrendering his/her answer booklet(s). The candidate shall not be allowed to return to the examination room.

S18. A candidate who fails to present himself/herself at an examination without satisfactory reason(s) shall be deemed to have failed the examination. Reasons for being absent from any paper, such as any of the following, shall not be entertained
a. Misreading end-of-semester Examination Timetable
b. Forgetting the date or time of examination
c. Inability to locate the examination hall
d. Inability to rouse oneself from sleep in time for the Examination
e. Failure to find transport
f. Loss of a relative
g. Pregnancy (without medical report)

S19. Smoking or drinking of alcoholic beverages is not allowed in the Examination Hall.

S20. A breach of any of the foregoing regulations, made for the conduct of University examinations, may attract one or more of the following sanctions:
a. A reprimand
b. Loss of marks
c. Cancellation of results
d. Withholding of results for a period

S21. Further to 9.3.21, Grade F (Fail) shall be awarded whenever it is established that a candidate had attempted to gain an unfair advantage in an examination. Further sanctions may include:
a. Being barred from University examinations indefinitely
b. Suspension from the University
c. Expulsion from the University