Overview of Faculty of Arts and General Studies


The Faculty of Arts and General Studies undertakes degree programmes in English Studies, French Studies, Music Studies and Religious & Ethics.  It also runs university-required courses which provide a strong liberal education for all undergraduate students as they prepare for the degrees in their various departments.  It aims at the training of students to acquire the requisite knowledge and skills in the humanities and the arts to make the products capable of meeting the challenges of a fast growing economy.  The Faculty does not only give general instruction to all students in the early levels of university education to prepare them for degree programmes in the various courses, it also focuses on the production of graduates who are well versed in languages and culture.  It also seeks to enhance their capacity to apply critical thoughts in decision making.

The above programmes with their various options are mounted in four Departments of the Faculty as follows:


  Department of Languages  
  Department of General Studies  
  Department of Religious Studies & Ethics  
  Department of Music and Theatre Studies  




Dept. of Languages
Dept. of General Studies
Dept. of Religious Studies & Ethics
Dept. of Music and Theatre Studies