Department of Music & Theatre Studies

Theatre Studies is a very relevant subject in Ghana for human resource and national development.“To know the development of theatre is to know the development of the human race. As the theatre grows, civilization grows; when it flourishes, humans flourish; and when it is suppressed, people walk in darkness. Study theatre of a particular era, and you learn the religious, social, political, and economic influences at that time. You learn the people’s desires, ideals, and needs. And perhaps more important, you gain insight into the present from what has gone before.” (Fran Averret, Basic Drama Projects)


Abundant evidence exists about the relevance of Theatre Studies in major institutions of Education all over the world: Drama, Visual Arts, Performing Arts or Theatre Arts Departments are very integral parts of institutions of higher learning in America, Australia, Africa and Europe. The great value in theatre in life and human activity cannot be over emphasized. The Methodist University College Ghana (MUCG) aims at a holistic education both in the Arts and Sciences. To help achieve this, Theatre Studies can play a very vital role.



BA Communication Studies
BA. Music
BFA Theatre Studies
Diploma in Music
Certificate in General/Music
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