Overview of Faculty of Applied Sciences


the Faculty of Applied Sciences is located in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana. It is one of the three campuses of the Methodist University College Ghana. The Campus was established in 2006. Until 2013, the Faculty was known as the Faculty of Agriculture aimed at producing practical graduates who will be agriculture entrepreneurs and take agriculture and its related industries as equal viable business enterprises.
This explains why the Faculty has acquired lands across Ghana with the noble intention of providing each student with a small piece of land to run as a small business enterprise and to learn to deal with the same real problems farmers face.
The Faculty trained market-oriented agriculturalists for national development, empowered graduates to engage in farming as a business, assisted graduates to think first of self-employment, and developed graduates to focus on underdeveloped stages of the value chain.
The name of the Faculty was changed to the Faculty of Applied Sciences to encompass other programmes other than the B.Sc. General Agriculture. The Faculty currently has three departments, namely, Departments of Agriculture and Agribusiness, Agro-processing, and Nursing. The Faculty oversees the administrative procedures for the three departments: Department of Agriculture & Agribusiness, Department of Agro-processing and Department of Nursing.  

Core Values

  • The Faculty embraces the principles of experiential learning through the application of theoretical knowledge.
  • It values the balance between teaching and scholarly activities that capitalizes on strengths and interests of the individual.
  • The Faculty encourages innovative student discoveries, entrepreneurial activities, and international relations.
  • The Faculty promotes a student-centered environment through personal and professional interactions among students and staff.

The aims of the Faculty of Applied Sciences in the training of students include:

  • Providing students with the best academic, professional and practical training including the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation;
  • Development of students’ ability to think critically and to develop the highest ethical and human values and excellent aesthetic taste;
  • Providing high quality research and development activities;
  • Preparation of students to engage in farming as a business;
  • Preparation of students to manage agricultural enterprises and related industries;
  • Producing graduates with appropriate knowledge and skills in food science and nutrition;
  • Preparation of students to become polyvalent nurses; and
  • Providing services that have reference to impact on the local community and Ghana

Faculty members are engaged in teaching, research and extension activities. The main activities of the Faculty emphasized problem solving, participatory learning approaches geared towards integrated rural development, poverty reduction and its eventual alleviation.
The Faculty has Agro-processing Unit which produces health-conscious mango, orange, pineapple and mix-fruits juice. These are sold nation-wide. The Faculty also has Agribusiness Development Centres (ABDCs) at Wenchi, Yeji, Akyem Swedru and Kukurantumi. These centres are used as practical training grounds for students. The centres also provide consultative services to clients.    

  Department of Agriculture & Agribusiness  
  Department of Agro-processing  
  Department of Nursing  



Dept. of Agric & Agribusiness
Dept. of Agro-processing
Dept. of Nursing


To become an ultimate training center of excellence in teaching, applied research, innovation and entrepreneurship for sustainable development.
The Faculty’s mission is to contribute towards the advancement of society through the provision of solutions to scientific, technological, economic and social challenges.