Department OF Information Technology

· To keep pace with the continuously changing world of computers and internet base technologies by providing an innovative mix of modern programmes and courses.

· To provide the environment and motivation for students to identify a need for technology and to use computers as a tool for problem     solving in industries, and research and development.

· To provide users with controlled access to MUCG assets.  These    include Library, Administration, Students records, Accounting and   Scientific Computing.


Goals and Objectives

· To provide a strong educational foundation in the use of current information technology for students who upon completion of their studies, can confidentially provide specialized skills at problem solving in the industry,   business and scientific environments.

· To ensure that every student gets a broad exposure to the application of information technology.  The programme provides core and elective courses that are related to both the local and foreign environments.

· Students are required to choose an elective each semester in the third and fourth year of their course.  The area of concentration as referenced by project work and an elective depends on students interests and advice from Faculty.

· Three areas of interest are identified as, System Development, Business   Systems and Network Technology.

The System Development focuses on the analysis of user requirements and the design, development and management of computer-based information systems and applications.

The Business System focuses on the use of the computers and information systems to solve complex problems in business and   government organizations.

The Network Technology focuses on the technologies, use, design and development of data communications networked systems and   applications in industry, business and government.

· Finally, the programme envisages that arrangements would be made for students to have practical attachment during the Levels 200 and 300 long vacations.

Employment Prospects of Graduates

Employment prospects for students admitted to the information technology           programme are good.  Computers are essential facilities in the work of any organization.  They are needed by all organizations for correspondence/communication,  storage and retrieval of information/data, management of information systems in Business.  Additionally, graduates can pursue post graduate studies or work in Research & Development Centres.





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