Department OF Mathematical Sciences

The Department of Mathematical Sciences one of the departments of the Faculty of Informatics and Mathematical Sciences. The Department currently runs programmes in Mathematics at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The Department of Mathematical Sciences runs the following programmes:

Bsc. Mathematics and Statistics
Bsc. Economics and Statistics (Runs with the Department of Economics)
Bsc. Acturial Science
MPhil Mathematics
MPhil Statistics.


Philosophy of the department
The philosophy of the department is to provide a strong background in Mathematics and Statistics to students, who upon graduation can provide specialized skills at problem solving in government agencies and private  establishments.  The roles of Mathematics and Statistics in national development is well known.  Accordingly, the study of Mathematics and Statistics will not only stand our graduates in good stead in the job market but will enable capable ones to pursue the subjects to higher degree levels.  Some of those who pursue the subjects to higher degree levels may return to Methodist  University College or other tertiary institutions in Ghana as Lecturers.






>> MPhil Mathematics
>> MPhil Statistics.


>> BSc. Mathematics and Statistics
>>Bsc. Economics and Statistics
>>Bsc. Acturial Science
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