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Department of Accounting - Description of Courses


MADM 101            Organizational Environment                               2 Credits
This course aims at introducing students to the political, social, cultural, legal, economic and technological structures of Ghana and elsewhere, and how they impact on, and are affected by business organizations. Topics to be treated include: Concepts and theories of organizations; the internal and external environment of organizations; characteristics of the environment; the international business environment; managing the environment; the stakeholder concept; business ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.

MADM 102            Introduction to Business Administration               3 Credits
In this course, students will be introduced to some basic concepts and issues regarding business administration which will serve as a foundation for understanding and pursuing higher level business courses. Topics to be covered include; meaning of business and concepts of business administration; forms of business enterprises; management of business organisations (management process); functional areas of the business enterprise; business growth; financing business operations.

MADM 106            Office Management                                               3 Credits
This course will examine the concept of office management and practice.  It will also delve into theoretical, strategic and operational issues in office management and practice.  It treats topics such as the office and its function, office management and the manager, office systems and routines, decentralisation and centralisation of authority, office environment, office supervision, records management, mail handling, and communication.

MADM 108  The Constitution and Public Administration                  3 Credits
The course seeks to examine the Constitution of the Republic of Ghana as the basic, most authoritative document guiding the organization and administration of Ghana. The following are the areas that will be treated: The concept of the state, regime, government and bureaucracy underlying the constitution as the cornerstone of Public Administration in Ghana.  Public sector accountability and the constitution.  State Enterprises and the Constitution, Financial provisions of the constitution, Local Government and the constitution.



MADM 201            Principles of Management                                   2 Credits
This course is meant to expose students to the basic principles and concepts of management, the theoretical underpinnings, the process and functions involved in management and among others. The specific topics to be covered include introduction to the concept of management, the challenges of management, types of managers, management roles and skills, theories of management, managerial decision making, the management process.

MADM 203            Financial Accounting I                                         3 Credits
An introduction to accounting principles, concepts and conventions; basic accrual accounting methods: the recording of transactions using double-entry principle; trial balance; adjustments; and the preparation of simple financial statements.

MADM 204            Financial Accounting II                                         3 Credits
Further considerations of the preparation of financial statements; incomplete records of businesses and non-profit making organizations; specialized transactions including bills of exchange, consignments, and joint ventures; introduction to analysis and interpretation of financial statements.

MADM 207            Business Law I                                                       2 Credits
This course would expose students to the operating laws within the business environment, the legal framework for business, and the nature and application of the laws which impact on the business environment. At the end of the course, students should be able to explain the concept of law, identify the sources of law in Ghana, describe the judicial system in Ghana, and identify alternative methods of dispute resolutions. Specific topics to be covered will include: the nature and concept of the law; the sources of law in Ghana; the judicial system of Ghana; alternative dispute resolution.                                          

MADM 208            Business Law II                                                     2 Credits
This course is a continuation of Business Law I. In this course students will be exposed to the law relating to sale; Law of Agency; Partnership Law and Company Law .Topics to be covered will include: the nature and scope of sale of goods, types of goods, obligations/ duties of seller and buyer, sale of goods by a non-owner (nemo dat quod non habet principle), the nature of agency relationship, creation/sources of agency, duties of the agent and the principal, termination of agency, formation of partnership, formation of companies, corporate management, corporate finance and corporate insolvency.


MADM 210            Introduction to Operations Management           3 Credits
This course discusses the quantitative techniques that are used in handling the operations function in manufacturing and service industries.  Topics will include operations and productivity, forecasting; causal methods of forecasting; product mix with linear programming waiting line management; transportation and assignment methods; location and layout decision; inventory control – deterministic and probabilistic models; scheduling and controlling projects – CPM and PERT.

MADM 215            Business Mathematics                                         3 Credits
This course provides a basic foundation of mathematics used in solving practical business problems.  Different problem-solving methodologies will be discussed.  Topics to be covered include basic algebra; sets, functions-linear, non-linear, exponential  and logarithmic, calculus: differentiation and integration with applications; financial mathematics-simple and compound interests, net present value, annuities, sinking fund and loan amortization.

MADM 218  Introduction to Human Resource Management           2 Credits
This is an introductory course which will expose students to the preliminary principles of Human Resource Management (HRM). The course introduces students to the historical developments in HRM, traditional personnel management practices such as recruitment, training, development, compensation, welfare, resignations and retirement. An attempt to distinguish between contemporary HRM practices and hitherto personnel management will be made. The course would serve as a foundation for other more advanced courses in HRM.

MADM 222            Principles of Marketing                                       2 Credits
This course covers the historical development of marketing, importance and functions of marketing, types of markets and classification of goods, the marketing concept; marketing systems synergism and its relationship with marketing systems; the marketing mix; market aggregation and markets segmentation; marketing communications.



MADM 302            Research Methods                                              3 Credits
Research strategies, problem identification, formulation of hypothesis; research design, sources and uses of secondary data; questionnaire and interview programming, collection of data, organization and processing of data, graphical and diagrammatic presentation; report writing; bibliography.

MADM 303            Managerial Economics                                      3 Credits
Managerial Economics is designed to build on students existing knowledge of economic theory in practising economics toward becoming more competent decision-makers and managers.  The course focuses on the various frameworks for analyzing business decisions through the application of economic theory to business problems.  Demand analysis, forecasting and estimation, consumer behaviour, optimization techniques, both unconstrained and constrained, are treated in an applied manner that promise the development of principles applicable to general business decision-making on daily basis.

MADM 304         Business Communication                                    3 Credits
A  study of communication methods in organization including: nature and purpose of business communication, functions and skills of an effective communicator, features of effective communication, business correspondence, job application and personal data, speech making, report writing, taking of minutes.

MADM 305         Financial Markets                                              3 Credits
This course the structure of the money and capital markets in Ghana; flow of fund; interest rate theory; the role of the central bank and the Ministry of Finance; comparative policies of financial institutions operating in the financial markets.

MADM 306         Taxation                                                            3 Credits
Direct tax legislations in Ghana and their interpretations in ascertaining personal and corporate tax obligations, rights and liabilities, general principles of taxation in relation to assessment of all chargeable incomes such as employment trading, rent, and investment incomes, capital gains tax and the taxation of gifts; analysis of the tax machinery in Ghana.

MADM 307         Financial Accounting III                                      3 Credits
This covers the accounting for specialized transactions including containers, royalties, sinking fund, investments, and hire purchase; accounting for partnerships including formation, operation, changes in the membership, amalgamation  of firms, and dissolution.

MADM 308         Financial Accounting IV                                       3 Credits
Accounting for companies including accounting for shares and debentures, and preparation of financial statements for publication in accordance with the law and standard practices; branch accounts including foreign branches; analysis and interpretation of financial statements; the cash flow statement; the value-added statement.

MADM 309         Business Finance I                                                 3 Credits
This course enables students to know exactly the role of the financial manager in any organisation.  Topics include: the finance function; time value of money; analysis and budgeting of funds; annuities and bank loans; valuation of bonds; valuation of and shares; financial statement and financial analysis; sources of financing business/raising funds; investment in and management of receivables and inventories.

MADM 310         Business Finance II                                                3 Credits
Application of concepts covered in Finance I. It is designed to develop students’ skills in the identification of viable projects through different methods of valuation and analysis. Topics in Corporate Finance: choice of securities; costs of capital and capital budgeting; dividend policy decision; financial leverage and capital structure; and new development in finance.

MADM 311            Quantitative Methods                                          3 Credits
This course will show students how to focus on the application of concepts and techniques of quantitative analysis commonly used in managerial decision-making. Topics include Linear programming, Calculus, Financial Mathematics, Linear Quadratic and Logarithmic Functions, Estimation Theory, Hypothesis Testing, Regression and Correlation Analysis, Time Series And Index Numbers.

MADM 315         Marketing Management                                         3 Credits
A study of the role and importance of marketing management including topics such as: market planning and analysis, product planning and development, pricing system, management of the distribution channels, promotional tools, evaluation of the total marketing effort, and marketing audit.

MADM 316         Money Credit                                                           3 Credits
The economic functions of credit and the activities of the more important credit institutions in the money and capital markets.  Various monetary theories are considered with respect to the impact of changes in the volume of money and credit on business conditions, capital formation, prices and interest rates.

MADM 317         Environmental Management                                   3 Credits
The content of the course includes definitions and scope of Environmental Management, type of environments, environmental management systems, the environment sustainable development, stakeholders of the environment and environmental marketing;  managing disasters (both natural and man-made), impact of mining on the environment, population and the environment, managing waste, environmental pollution, tourism and the environment, and climate change.

MADM 318            Mass Media Communication                                3 Credits
The course is to explore the nature and scope of mass media and communication as applicable in the Ghanaian setting. Topics to be treated include scope and definition of Mass Media, principles and relationship of communication, mass communication, audiences, functions of the media, characteristics of mass media, and, government and the mass media. Other topics include the printed media, the electronic media, mass media and issues relating to the National Media Commission as well as other professional bodies in the field.

MADM 321         Human Resource Management Practices               3 Credits
The course focuses on the design of systems to effectively manage people with their needs and expectations for the realisation of organisational success. The specific topics to be covered include: the changes and challenges of human resource management; human resource information system (HRIS); the human resource management process; human resource management policies, practices and activities namely job design, rewards management and their effect on employees.

MADM 322         Sales Management                                                  3 Credits
The organization of the sales function; sales department relations (internal and external); sales force management including : recruitment of salesmen, selection, training, motivation, supervision, compensation, and performance evaluation; information for sales management including : the sale budget, sales forecasting, sales-cost-post analysis, marketing intelligence, sales quotas, sales territories establishment and revision; the place of sales management in marketing decision-making.


MADM 323            Human Behaviour in Organization                       3 Credits
The most important aspects of organizations are the people: the men and women who make up the workforce. The aim of this course is to provide a systematic understanding of organizational life as created by the human beings in the organization. In this course students will be exposed to issues such as individual differences, values and perceptions, group dynamics, organizational socialization and culture, organizational politics, and leadership.

MADM  326        Buyer Behaviour                                                      3 Credits
The role of the consumer in marketing; synopsis of models of buyer behaviour fundamental cognitive processes, motivation, perception, and learning; influence of individual predispositions personality characteristics, attitudes, structure, change; group influence cultural factors, social stratification, reference groups, family influences, institutional influences; diffusion of innovation; buyer decision processes; customer characteristics and mark-marketing strategy.

MADM  330        Labour Law                                                               3 Credits
A study of the laws of industrial relations in Ghana, notably the constitutional provisions, law relating to unionization and senior staff associations, strikes and labour unrest, etc;  emerging employment issues.  The specific topics to be covered include the Constitution and Industrial Relations, the contract of employment, the rights and duties of the employer, the rights and duties of the worker, termination of employment, trade unions and employers association, industrial dispute resolution, the scope and application of the Labour Act, 2003 (Act 651).  The law of torts, international conventions on labour.

MADM 334            Information Systems and Financial Modeling     3 Credits
Hands-on training in bank transactions, processing software, simple cases of setting up customer accounts, processing customer transactions, and generating customer statements. Including data base management system, financial information systems, financial modelling, Miscrosoft Excel and Access

MADM 336            Public Sector Management                                  3 Credits
The course is to expose students to some basic theories and concepts in Public Sector Management and also to understand the practices and problems facing Ghana’s public sector at both the local and national levels. Attention will be focused on the following key areas: Nature and scope of Public Sector Management; Approaches to the study of public sector; Corruption; Workers participation in the public sector; financial administration; Public policy; Obstacles to effective public sector management; Administration ethics; divestiture and state enterprises.

MADM 353  Computer Applications & Database Management         3 Credits
The course is about the relevant application of Information Technology to the Accounting profession and practices. It gives students practical hands on experience of computer application to the management of database to enable them to integrate information technology into their working environment.  The main database used will include Microsoft Excel and Access with application to preparation of financial reports.


MADM 361            Elements of Banking                                           3 Credits
The course is aimed at assisting students to understand the operations of Banks and introduce students to good standards of practice in Banking in Ghana and internationally.  The course will develop students’ understanding of: the relationship between Banker and Customer, Banking Operations, the implications arising from different types of accounts and events affecting their banking operations; securities for advance as encountered by Bankers/lenders in common situations.

MADM 364            Economy of Ghana                                                 3 Credits  
The course is designed to cover performance and development of the Ghanaian economy before and after independence.  The courses covered include characteristics of developing countries, overview of the Ghanaian Economy, National Income Accounting Measurement, Sectoral Outlook of the Economy, Economic Planning and History of Economic Policies in Ghana (Pre and Post Independence), Economic Recovery and Structural Adjustment Programme, GPRS I  and II, Inflation: Theory and Experience from Ghana and Employment and Unemployment in Ghana.

MADM 370            Decision Making and Problem Solving               3 Credits
This course develops decision-making and problem solving skills by applying various tools and techniques to both qualitative and quantitative case studies covering current issues in domestic and global organizational settings.  Fundamentals of conflict management will be applied to create effective, efficient outcomes by defining and analyzing the types of conflict, its causes and effects, and how to diffuse and manage confrontational situations.

MADM 372            Management Information Systems                     3 Credits
This course prepares students to use information technology efficiently and effectively in the decision making process. Business applications using spreadsheets and databases will be examined and studied in detail. Management information systems and decision support systems will be examined to illustrate how effective systems can enhance managerial decision making. Topics such as enterprise information systems and expert systems will also be explored.

MADM 375            Management of Meetings                                   3 Credits
The course is designed to focus and provide the essential knowledge and skills involved in taking high level responsibility for the corporate secretarial function in connection with the conduct of meetings to ensure effectiveness in the Board Room and other decision making fora. At the end of the course students should be able to understand the scope, role and functions of corporate secretaryship, understand the law and best practice in meetings, and ensure corporate compliance.

MADM 378            Contemporary Issues in Administration            3 Credits
This course aims at providing knowledge and key skills in the administration of corporate affairs. At the end of this course students will be able to understand the scope of strategic and functional administration, evaluating the requirements of the legal and regulatory environment, advise the Board accordingly and ensure compliance. It focuses on the role and functions of the Corporate Secretary/Administrator, the sources of information on law, regulation and administrative best practice.


MADM 381            Electronic Marketing                                           3 Credits
The course is aimed at providing the student with knowledge of applying the marketing mix components to marketing on the Internet. Topics include introduction to e-Marketing, internet user characteristics and behavior, marketing knowledge, e-Marketing strategies, product and pricing online, distribution and leverage technology. Others include the Internet marketing plan, customer relation management and E- marketing communication.

MADM 382            Health Services Marketing                                  3 Credits
Students will be exposed to Social marketing, a relatively new concept where marketing techniques are used to change behaviour.  The course will also examine concepts and techniques useful in planning for the marketing of health care services, market analysis, market segmentation, service strategy development, pricing strategy, communications, organizational design and evaluation.  Non-profit health organizations.

MADM 383            Marketing Research and Analysis                       3 Credits
Marketing descriptions are among the most difficult for business people to make, largely because of the uncertainty involved.  The purpose of this course is to improve the information available to decision-makers to facilitate better marketing decision.  The ultimate goal is to produce and enable them to be highly skilled marketing researchers to identify information needs of an organization in any given situation.  The course discusses research methods and implication from both theoretical and practical perspectives.

MADM 384            Brands Management                                          3 Credits
The Building and managing brands; measuring brands; positioning brands; determination of brand values.  Theories and models in branding; the concept of brand integration across markets; from mass to niche market; by target markets; from consumer to trade, media and internal marketing. Other topics include approaches to branding, branding decisions, branding strategies and global branding.



MADM 400            Long Essay                                                           3 Credits
A Practical project involving field study, e.g. feasibility study, culminating in a final report of about 10,000 words.

MADM 405        Financial Accounting V                                          3 Credit
The regulatory and financial reporting frame work Limited Liability Companies consolidated financial statements.  Analysis and interpretation of financial statements, Accounting for leasing and hire purchase transactions, Accounting for foreign branch operating and application of international financial Reporting Standards.

MADM 407            Cost Accounting                                                   3 Credits
This course is designed to enable students acquire, appreciate and understand the fundamental concepts and basic elements of Cost Accounting. Particularly the course is intended to enable students to be able to do the following: apply Cost Accounting techniques in the preparation of short-term budget statements and the analysis of cost and revenue variances; prepare basic cost accounting records in an organization

MADM 409            Public Finance                                                      3 Credits
A study of economic concepts of public finance applicable to contemporary conditions in Ghana, including topics such as : principles and issues of taxation; criteria and index of equity; types and rates o taxes; borrowing and debt management; structure and burden of the public debt; public expenditure scope and efficiency; government budgeting; theory of fiscal policy; fiscal policy for economic growth.

MADM 410            Auditing and Assurance                                         3 Credits
Nature, purpose and scope of Audit; the Regulatory frame work of Auditing and professional considerations.  Audit planning, evidence gathering, internal controls and evaluation control.  Risk internal audit and other Assurance engagement.  Conduct of Audit Assurance reporting frame work concept, process and need for Assurance.

MADM 412            Management Accounting                                          3 Credits
Management accounting, sits nature and purpose, Elements of cost, concepts and its classification, Budgets and Budgetary control, Standard costing and variance analysis cost for decision-making, performance evaluation and control of responsibility centres Marginal Costing, Activity Based Costing.

MADM 417         Investment Fundamentals                                     3 Credits
The course is focuses on the investment process and environment. Topics covered include: the field of investments, the investor and his environment, securities markets, concepts of return and risk, analysis stocks using fundamental and technical approaches, analysis and investment in fixed income securities, portfolio theory.

MADM 418         Law Relating to Banking                                        3 Credits
Legal issues relating to the practice of banking including topics such as: legal definitions of banker and customer; contractual and other legal relationships between banker and customer; agency law; bankruptcy, guarantees; negotiable instruments.

MADM 419         Advertising and Sales Promotion                            3 Credits
An overview of the promotional strategy; nature and importance of advertising; development of an advertising campaign message and media; organizing for advertising internal and external; measurement of advertising effectiveness methods and tools; scope and importance of sales promotion; sales promotion tools; developing the sales promotion programme; evaluating the sales promotion results.

MADM 420         Elements of Risk and Insurance                              3 Credits
After completing this course, the student should understand how insurance enterprises are organised; know the basic characteristics of insurance cover and understand the production processes involved; appreciate the management functions in insurance business; understand the operations environment of insurance enterprises in particular the regulatory framework and be able to relate the insurance sector to other sectors of the economy.


MADM 421         Integrated Marketing Communication                   3 Credits
The topics treated included nature and principles of Integrated Marketing Communication, components or IMC, integrated communication strategy, the IMC plan, the promotional planning process, the role of consumer behaviour in IMC, the role of IMC and the marketing process and determining advertising and sales promotion budget.

MADM 422         Marketing of Services                                              3 Credits
The course seeks to equip the student with principles of services and the services industry and how to enhance one’s competitiveness.  Topics treated include scope and definition of service marketing, growth and development of the service industry, service encounter, service quality, managing demand and capacity, managing communications, pricing of services and international services marketing.

MADM 426        Retailing                                                                   3 Credits
A study of retailing as a special aspect of marketing including topics such as nature of retailing, store location and layout, store organization, the management of personnel; the buying function, merchandise pricing,; merchandise handling, store security; merchandise and expenses; credit and collections; accounting concepts; marketing programming.

MADM 433             Public Relations                                                  3 Credits
The objective of the course is to provide theoretical and practical base for the student of Public Relations.  The topics include the scope and definition of Public Relations, historical perspective of PR, principles and practice of PR, interaction of PR and communication media and public opinion as well as PR in different fields. Other topics include relationship between PR and other departments, PR as a management function, creation and maintenance of understanding between the organization and its publics PR techniques and decisions, planning and execution of PR programmes.

MADM 435  Fundamentals of Strategic Human Resource Management                  3 Credits
There is a growing recognition of the relationship between companies’ overall strategies and their human resources management practices. This course aims at introducing students to the fundamental issues that will help manage the organization’s most valued asset strategically to enable the organization be at a competitive advantage. Issues which may be discussed include: Introduction to the concept of SHRM; the role of HRM in designing corporate strategies; human resource/succession planning; recruitment, selection, placement and retention of employees and Performance Management.

MADM 436            International Finance and Banking                 3 Credits
This course introduces students to the use of financial analysis and reasoning in solving international financial problems and decision-making. Working Capital Management, Capital Budgeting, Cost of Capital, and Financial Structures From the perspective of a Multinational or Trans-national Enterprise.  Multiple currencies with frequent exchange rate changes, inflation and interest, different tax regimes, and multiple money markets. Exchange controls, segmented capital markets, political risks and international banking developments.

MADM 437            Public Sector Accounting                                     3 Credits
Public Sector Accounting its meaning and reasons for existence, types and characteristics. Differences between Public sector Accounting and Private sector Accounting, sources of revenue of Central Government and District assemblies, Responsibilities of a Minister of Finance, Auditor-General and Controller and Accountants Generals; Government budget, its preparation and presentation to Parliament; meaning of the Consolidated Fund, virement, supplementary estimates, Financial Reporting and Control; Procurement procedure.

MADM 440            Conflict Management in Organizations           3 Credits
Today’s organizations face greater potential for conflict than ever before in history. With the increasing diversity conflict is bound to occur. Conflict is a basic organizational process that needs managing. It is believed to be vital for continuous improvement in organizations and its management is crucial for its successful use. Topics to be covered include: Introduction to the concept of conflict; Types of conflict; Levels of conflict in an organization; Sources of conflict; Strategies for conflict management; Workplace diversity; Conflict and stress.

MADM 442            Human Resource Development                        3 Credits
In order to sustain efficient and effective performance it is important to optimize the contribution of employees by helping them be abreast with current issues through training and development. This course aims at exposing students to the key concepts in Human Resource Development; Role of training and development in organization; Strategic training; Training needs assessment; Training methods; Transfer of training; Training evaluation; Approaches to employee development; Career and Career Management.

MADM 444            Strategic Management                                      3 Credits
The course is aimed at equipping students with concepts, techniques, frameworks and methodologies of strategic management to enhance competitiveness and efficient utilization of resources.  The topics to be treated include: Scope and nature of Strategic Management, internal and external environment of firms strategic models, managing change, corporate governance and achieving organizational excellence.  Other topics are corporate social responsibility, strategic controls, strategic management styles and strategic leadership.

MADM 461            Project Management                                         3 Credits
The course provides a general background in Project Management.  It focuses on the management of activities in a more specific and unique manner.  It involves the study of the Nature and Definition of Projects and Project Management (Planning, Organising, Directing and Controlling); Project Cycle Management, Project Management System, skills required of an efficient and effective Project Manager, and current knowledge areas required by the professional body on the subject.

MADM 463            Micro Finance and Rural Banking                        3 Credits
The course make students aware of the importance of the rural economy in the life of Ghanaians and the need to provide a broad range of financial services to low income households and businesses eg. Farming, cottage industries, rural and community projects.  It also deals with other products such as money transfer, Insurance and leasing at the Micro level.
MADM 464            Modern Banking and Finance                                 3 Credits
The course is aimed at exposing students to the use of financial management in banking operations. It covers diverse banking activities and products, regulatory practices and addresses corporate governance issues is banking. Issues relevant to electronic banking and modern trends in banking.

MADM 466            Project Finance                                                   3 Credits
The course seeks to expose students to financing of long-term infrastructure and industrial projects based upon a complex financial structure where project debt and equity are used to finance the project, rather than the balance sheets of project sponsors. Topics include financing of real estate, mining, transportation, telecommunication, public utility industries etc.

MADM 471            Corporate Governance                                        3 Credits
This course is designed to provide the knowledge and skills required to ensure probity in business activity, compliance with law and regulation as a result of the global agenda in pursuit of proper and efficient administration. It involves the definitions and objectives of Corporate Governance, the role of legislation and regulation in corporate governance, the ethical dimension, assessment of performance, social responsibility, internal and external stakeholder analysis.

MADM 472            Managing Change and Innovation                      3 Credits
This course analyzes the forces that drive organizations to change, examines impediments to change, and surveys a range of approaches for making organizational change more effective.  Students will study the management principles and techniques in leading change. Special attention will be given to managing disruptions from transitions and the inevitable losses that radical change brings.

MADM 473            Corporate Law                                                     3 Credits
The aim of this course is to provide grounding in, and knowledge and understanding of the sources and principal provisions of the company law in the structure, management and performance of an organisation. Topics include the nature and formation of a company, the constitution of a company, the capital of a company, directors and other company officers. 

MADM 474            Public Sector Management in Ghana                    3 Credits
The course focuses on the public-private dichotomy, politics and administration, presenting value for money. The public service approach to business planning, policy-making in Government and the need for policy analysis. Topics include bureaucracy, centralization and decentralization of government machinery, administrative reforms, accountability and the role of the Public Services Commission, State Enterprises Commission, Controller and Accountant General’s Department and the Audit Service.    

MADM 475            Costs and Management Accounting                      3 Credits
This course focuses on introduction to costing and the understanding of the nature and behaviour of costs, and its contribution to decision making. It also seeks to develop budgetary planning and control skills as well as the understanding of working capital management. It includes cost classifications, the concept of cost units, cost centres, profit centres and investment centres, cost determination; material, labour and overheads. Fundamental knowledge on job, batch and process costing will be studied.  Marginal and absorption costing including Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis will be considered.

MADM 476            Global and Contemporary Business Issues           3 Credits
This course focuses on global management theories, practice and contemporary business issues. It provides an introduction to leadership management of multinationals, cultures, and the national and international forces influencing international business. 

MADM 479            Total Quality Management                                  3 Credits
This course seeks to provide knowledge to students on the importance of Total Quality Management in the operations of an organization.  It emphasizes the understanding of variation, (TQM) the operational environment, the importance of the customer, and the involvement of all employees of an organization in pursuit of improvement.  It also aims at providing students with knowledge of quality planning, quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement through the use of tools and techniques of TQM.

MADM 480            e-Business                                                                     3 Credits
This gives further study of advanced applications of management information systems in business. Topics to be studied include web design/development, internet, on-line management and financial transactions (i.e. banking), computer lab exercises and simulation.

MADM 481            Labour Relations and Collective Bargaining          3 Credits
This course examines the contractual aspects of human resource management. It deals with the issue of union-management relations and considers the environment in which industrial relations takes place. It looks at the issue of strikes, collective bargaining and negotiations and presents the theories and traditions which have historically influenced labour relations: Marxist/Radical theory, Pluralist and Unitary perspectives.

MADM 482            Marketing of Financial Service                               3 Credits
As an applied course of marketing in the financial services sector, the course will help students evaluate the mission, segmentation, positioning and product/service mix strategies of major financial service firms in the country.  The topics treated include the concept of financial services, basic concepts in marketing relevant to the financial industry, overview of the financial services in the country, characteristics of services, customer orientation in the financial services, Marketing and service mix strategies and branding strategies in the financial sector. Others include managing quality in the financial sector, and scanning the marketing environment and its impact on the financial sector.

MADM 483            Customer Relationship Management                   3 Credits
The scope of interactive marketing strategies and programmes that managers adopt to enhance their competitiveness.  The topics treated include scope and definition of customer relationship management, types of customers, life time value of customers and its relationship to a firm’s performance, customer – firm relationship, cross marketing strategies, brand development and brand equity management, internal marketing, customer empowerment and integrated communications and interactive marketing tools; tools and techniques in relationship marketing in different marketing contexts; case studies of Ghanaian companies used as illustration.

MADM 485            Strategic Marketing Decisions                            3 Credits
The objective of the course is aimed at building on the skills and knowledge from marketing. The focus of   this   module   is   on   the   nature   of   competitive   advantages   in   a   global   context.  The   topics   to   be   treated   include: Introduction   to   Strategic   Marketing   decisions creating   the   value   proposition, strategic   marketing   decisions & value   creation, achieving   a   sustainable   competitive   advantages, decisions   for   a new   strategic marketing   direction (strategic   option), target   marketing, strategic   implementation   and   controls, investment  decisions  and  control(financial  appraisal  for  Strategic  Marketing Decision).

MADM 487            Events Marketing and Management                             3 Credits
The course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive coverage of events and sponsorship strategies.  The course exposes students to basic principles of motivation for participant and spectators to develop the ability to apply broad principles underlying why consumers attend to events in a variety of contexts and situations.  The topics to be treated include the following introduction to event management and marketing, overview of events management and marketing, organizing of events, event design and management, safety planning, contemporary issues in event management

MADM 489            International Marketing                                      3 Credits
The topics to be treated include scope and definition of international marketing, strategies of international marketing entry, structures of international markets, international distribution channels, international product policy, foreign market research, international promotion and pricing policy; marketing problems arising from differing degrees of foreign involvement such as exporting, licensing, establishing foreign subsidiaries and the organization of international marketing activities.