Faculty of Social Studies - Research Interest
Prof. J. B. Ofosu
  • Statistical Inference.
  • Applied Statistics.
Prof. O.A.Y. Jackson
  • University Entrance Requirements and Student Performance
  • Cost of living measurements and inflation
Rev. Dr. Daniel Bruce
  • Psycho-Educational Problems and Issues.

Mr. D.J Lartey
  • Mathematical Computing
  • Web Programming

Mrs. Charlotte O. Kwakye-Nuako

  • Religiosity and Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Religiosity and Health.
  • Gender and Psychology.
  • Psychology and Law.
Ofori-Dwumfuo, G. O
  • Effect of Computerization on the Ghana society
Mr. E. Buabin
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial Neural networks.
  • Hybrid Neural Architectures.
  • Genetic algorithms.
  • Reinforcement learning.
  • Data/Text Mining
  • Neuroscience.
  • Software engineering.
Mr. E. Acheampong
  • Bayesian data analysis.
  • Infectious diseases modelling.
  • Survival data analysis.
  • Multivariate Data Analysis.
  • Linear Models.
Mr. G. F. Agbakpe
  • Substance Abuse among the Youth in Ghana.

Mr. Emmanuel Dodzi Kpeglo

  • Weak and Weak Topologies
Mr. Amadu Bokoum
  • Fixed Point Theory
Mr. S. K. Darkwah
  • Representation theory of symmetric groups.

Mr. Richmond Opoku-Sarkodie

  • Differential Equations and its Applications
  • Abstract Algebra and Real Analysis.

Mr. Dominic B. Boyetey

  • Statistical Modelling.
  • Time Series Analysis
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