MPhil Mathematics

Program : Mathematics - Master of Philosophy
Program Code :
Program Level : Graduate Level
Award Type : Master of Philosophy inMathematics
Duration : Two Years
Faculty : Informatics and Mathematical Sciences
Department:Mathematical Sciences
Admission Requirement
To be considered for admission to the programme, applicants must have :
A good degree in mathematics or any other relevant subject.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics runs an M.Phil programme in Mathematics.  It involves a one-year course work followed by a year of supervised research, with a thesis to be submitted at the end of the second year.

Programme Requirement
Course Work
In each of the first two semesters, students are to take a minimum of three of the courses listed on pages 23.  Each course carries 4 credits.  The course descriptions are given on page 24-27. Courses are to be selected in consultation with the Head of Department.  The elective courses offered will depend on the interest of available staff.

Research Work
Each student is expected to pursue a programme of supervised research on an approved topic.

Assessment of a student’s performance and achievements  Scheme of examination

  1. a student will be examined in a 3-hour written paper on completion of each course
  2. a thesis of the research undertaken by a student will be submitted by the end of the second year of enrolment.

 Assessment of students’ performance will be based on the following:

  1. The results of prescribed written and practical examinations.
  2. Assessment of essays, practical exercises and reports
  3. Assessment of thesis

Weighting of marks for course is as follows

  1. Continous assessment: 30%
  2. Semester examinations: 70%

Qualification for the award of M.Phil

A student will qualify for the award of the M.Phill degree if he/she obtains a minimum of 24 credits for course work and successfully gives two seminars.  In addition, he/she has to obtain a pass for his/her thesis.

Odd-numbered courses will normally be on offer in the first semester.

MMAT 601 Abstract Algebra
MMAT 603 Analysis
MMAT 612 Seminar I
MMAT 614 Seminar II
A minimum of 16 credits are to be selected on the advice of the Department.
MMAT 602 Group Theory
MMAT 604 Lebesgue Measure Theory 
MMAT 605 Topologoy
MMAT 606 Convexity    
MMAT 607 Calculus on Manifolds
MMAT 608 Operations Research
MMAT 609 Functional Analysis 
MMAT 610 Probability Theory  
MMAT 611 Differential Geometry
MMAT 613 Boundary Value Problems
MMAT 615 Differential and Integral Equations
MMAT 617 Mathematical modelling
MMAT 619 Numerical Analysis