Programmes Available
Faculty of Business Administration
M.B.A. with options in
           - Accounting
           - Finance
           - Human Resource Management
           - Marketing
The M.B.A. programme is offered as a Weekend Course Work Option (MBA NOW AVAILABLE AT TEMA CAMPUS - (WEEKEND SESSION)
Duration for each postgraduate programme is Two Years
Faculty of Business Administration
B.B.A. (Bachelor of Business Administration) in:
           - Accounting
           - Banking and Finance
           - Human Resource Management
           - Marketing
           - Management Studies
Faculty of Social Studies
B.Sc Acturial Science
B.Sc Economics
B.Sc Information Technology
B.Sc Mathematics and Statistics
B.A. Psychology
B.Sc Economics and Statistics
Faculty of Arts and General Studies
B.A. English Studies
B.A. Religious Studies and Ethics
B.A. Religion , Ethics and Psychology
B.A. French
B.A. Music
BFA. Theatre Studies
Faculty of Applied Sciences
B.Sc General Agriculture (Wenchi Campus)
Diploma Programmes
Diploma in General Agriculture (Wenchi Campus)
Diploma in Music ( Dansoman Campus )
Diploma in Information Technology ( Dansoman Campus )
Each of the above diploma programmes has a duration of two years
Certificate Programmes - (Dansoman Day Session)
One Semester Duration
Certificate in Business Administration
Certificate in Entrepreneurship
One Year Duration
Certificate in General/Church Music
Certificate in Christian Ministry and Leadership
Certificate in Information Technology
Certificate in Statistics
Certificate in Events Management
Certificate in Fashion, Costume and Make-Up Design
Certificate in Theatre Practice
Certificate in Sound Engineering ( Evening )
One Year Duration ( Wenchi Campus - Day Session)
Certificate in Agri-business
Certificate in Agro-Processing
Certificate in Horticulture