Office of Student and Community Affairs

The Dean of Students Office is devoted to providing programs and services that support students’ academic, personal, and professional development. The Office also provides guidance in career and personal development, health and well-being, and service and leadership among others. For students struggling with crises and challenges, the Dean of Students Office provides support and connection to appropriate resources and services. The Dean of Students Office directs students to be ethical, responsible, and respectful community members Students’ rights and responsibilities are promote by addressing behavior on campus and in the neighboring communities.

The role of the Dean of Students Office includes challenging and supporting students when crises or emergencies arise, and when students make poor decisions related to personal behavior and integrity.  In these situations, our goal is to treat students with dignity, and provide educational interventions to assist them with the successful completion of a University of Arizona degree.Faculty, staff, parents and families are critical partners in our work with students, assisting with student involvement and recognition, creating a college-going culture among junior high