Freshers Week

Freshers’ Week is a week of events and entertainment to launch freshers into university life, run by all the student organisations on campus. It’s your chance to get an idea of what life of a student in MUCG is all about and to acquaint yourself with the opportunities and facilities available to all students here, through a week of live music, fairs, quizzes, tours, comedy and much, much more. The SRC has a large part to play in Freshers’ Week, putting on the Freshers’ Fair, campus tours, introductions to student activism, the student associations as well as events for international students, mature students and postgraduates. It also gives you the chance to meet like minded people, join clubs and societies and how to use your time in MUCG to get more than a degree. While the unions give you a taste of the fun aspects of student life, the SRC provide a week to help you get to know the university, its services and the people you’ll be spending the next four years with. Freshers’ Week is all about sharing experiences, and it’s likely that at least a few of the people you meet in this first seven days will still be playing a big part in your life four years down the line. Some of these people will be the ones you party till dawn with; the people you’ll phone when you need a bit of inspiration when it gets to 4am and your essay is due in at midday; your future business partners… Anything can happen in these first few days and it is up to you to make the most of it.