It is the beginning of another academic year and i deem it a call to duty to present to this august gathering, the state of the SRC.

Mr.Chairman, the battle of getting things done right, begun last semester, just after our swearing-in. The executive members are working relentlessly and has hold several meetings to outline the strategies and plan that will ensure a colourful academic environment

Mr.Chairman, I wish to inform this august gathering, through your high office, that in as much as the executives are ready to pursue student's interest, we will also encourage students to be law abiding and respect each other for the growth of the school. We need to operate in unity with each other, since in unity lies strength and productivity.

Mr.Chairman, I would therefore, plead that you lend me your aching ears as I present the practical project that will project the image of the SRC and our dear institution at large

First of all, we are making every effort to build an online radio studio that will operate in the name of MUCG-SRC. This we believe will go alone away to boost the image of the school and also support in the publicity of the University

Secondly Mr.Chairman, we are also working within our financial means and effort to secure an SRC-BUS, which we believe will subsidize student or club's financial burden during eductaion tour events.

In the third place Mr.Chairman, there is a step towards the building of a befitting SRC cafeteria. We are seeking for a recognize and efficient body who will build, operate and transfer it to the SRC per the number of years agreed upon

Finally, the executive members are taking a step that will guide our action in the building of the SRC hostel; a 5-year stategic plan will be put in place to guide us and the posterity in ensuring that the dream of building an SRC hostel comes to a Reality. We believe this will reduce student's accommodation challenge

Mr.Chairman, I wish to state that I and my executives are not angels neither are we saint to devoid mistakes. In the course of the discharge of duty, we are ready to accept any constructive criticisms and contributions, because together we can build the school. Thank you.