The General Assembly

The Honorable Speaker: Hon.Mohammed Nti
General Assembly Meeting Session
National PUSAG PREZ @ G.A Meeting
SRC President Addressing G.A

The General Assembly is a representative council, which reflects the Governance of Student Body. The General Assembly is the highest decision making body of the SRC. It main obligation is to present a platform for members to delibrate and make statements on matters of Student Importance. The policies of Governance and budget are delibrated on, approved or denied at G.A Meetings. A term of the G.A of MUCG-SRC Spans over a period of one year as stated in the constitution of the SRC.

The Speaker, Hon. Mohammed Nti is the first officer of the assembly.He is one of the prominent leaders of the SRC. He is constitutionally mandated to preside in G.A at all sittings. In the discharge of his duties and in the exercise of powers vested in him, under no circumstance should he be partial,selfish and arrogant when debating on matters of the SRC. His key responsibility at all sittings is to fair and firmly enforce order and respect the practices of the house. Any misconduct of the speaker prior to the discharge of his duties as stated in the constitution of the SRC should be addressed in writing and forward to the JUDICIARY COMMITTE of the SRC